Solia Interiors: November 2014

23 November 2014

Turquoise - Get The Look - available in Australia

2014 have Turquoise high on the list of trendy colors. It give your home a fresh and bright look. We tell you how in this article.
Turquoise - Get The Look

21 November 2014

Scandinavian apartment with a romantic glare

My favorite spot in this home
My favorite spot in in this home is for sure the Living area with the sofa. Not only is it the brightest place it’s also a great place to relax with family and friends. You will always feel at home here. Old magazines have been used to make an inexpensive but great looking shelving /storage unit, very smart and this also gives the right Scandinavian look.

The style of this home
The style as we can all see is very Scandinavian. It is archived by selecting natural materials like, wood, marble and wool. White or very light grey walls are what makes everything bright and positive. Contrast is important. Like the nearly black pillows in the sofa or the black mirror on the wall. They stand out and gives a visitor something to discover. Furthermore a layer of warmth is the way to go. In this home the light brown wooden floor brings out a little warmth here.

The home office
It is ok to make the home office or desk a bit cluttered, it shows you are active. It’s also a great way to show case some special items that mean something to you. To make it more interesting a wall board have been use over the desk for smaller items. The wall board is made of a wooden frame with a metal net in it, in the way it is very easy to attach anything to it.

The dining area.
The dining table is very unique it might even be homemade DIY style. The legs are old water pipes painted white color. The table top is a flat board of wood planks I guess with a waxed finish to keep it natural but still resistant to food and stains. It is not difficult to make if you just have a little handyman inside yourself.

We love this home…
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Article by: Claus Svendsen
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