Solia Interiors: Turquoise - Get The Look - available in Australia

23 November 2014

Turquoise - Get The Look - available in Australia

2014 have Turquoise high on the list of trendy colors. It give your home a fresh and bright look. We tell you how in this article.
Turquoise - Get The Look

Turquoise - Get The Look by soulia-interiors featuring turquoise home decor

The pillows are easily combined with a cream or white colored sofa of lounge chair. Try to mix them with other pillows of different colors. Here I can recommend other pastel colors or one or two tone darker or lighter Turquoise.

Box and yarn
This small items can be placed on your desk, dresser or bedside table to integrate a bit of light color to your interior. They will stand out and make it very trendy.

Ceiling lamp
This is one unique pcs of lighting. One could hang it over a home desk or a bedside table. It could be combined with other pastel colors of the sample lamp and hanged together in a cluster or in different heights. This lamp can also be placed on a surface just laying down, it will look seriously cool. For placement on a surface make sure the bulb is not too strong as it can annoy your eyes.
Remember to choose the correct light bulb color warm or cold, depending what you want to achieve. 

Wall art
I strongly suggest to not only have one wall art. One should place 3 or more beside each other. They will fit best on a white or lighter colored wall's. The one we show here is fantastic for a seaside home. Place them in the hallway or living room.

2 drawer chest
This product is grate as it can be used in many places. Could be used as bigger bedside tables. As storage chest in kids room. And for sure in the hallway as an eye catcher and small storage. We simply love this turquoise chest of drawer.

Go ahead and add color and life to your home, use some of this great turquoise colored products "Turquoise - Get The Look - available in Australia"
What do you think?
Any suggestions for other items you found?

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Article by:
Claus Svendsen

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