Solia Interiors: Colorful mid-century home.

19 November 2014

Colorful mid-century home.

In this post we take a closer look at this color full mid century home. 
We love the face that the designer have used a mix of new and secondhand products in most parts of this home. It gives a feeling of soul and warmth. It also give the kids living here a great way tyo think about re-using stuff that are old.

Here the dining area where a single black pin chair have been added to give a great contrast to the dining area.  The interior design here is functional with storage behind the dining table so it is easy to use as a play and work table as well.

It is very clear that this home have kids, the design is functional yet stylish. Here we can see a great big space around the sofa area where there is plenty of space for kids and parents to play.

Again the interior design is well thought trough as the most used area, here the work and ding area is place near windows to give most light to the area as possible.

Here is a clever way to re-use an old fruit box as a toy looks great in the interior.

We like the use of the small wall  mounted bedside table and wall rack. As this room is small there is not much space to place furniture's on the floor.

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