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24 November 2014

Scandinavian Style - House Tour

Scandinavian-style interior design is a great way to style your house using simplistic beauty. Lest take a tour trough this house.

If you’re a person who doesn’t collect a lot of clutter and wants a clean, chic look for your place, take a look at this style. The home pictured here uses Scandinavian style to create a natural, fresh feeling.
Throughout the whole place, the walls are colored white. This opens up the room and creates consistency throughout. Bright or dark colors can often close off a room. They can work when going for a snug atmosphere, but with this we’re going for a much freer environment.
To add to that, be sure to use plenty of natural light. Natural light is the best lighting when it comes to simplicity. It makes the room easy to look at. Scandinavian style is great for homes with large windows throughout, to be sure plenty of natural light gets in.

You can see the bedroom is free from clutter. With light-colored wood floors to compliment the white walls, a simple tan rug frames the bed. The focus on the room is on the bed and the light above it.
The black bedding contrasts the white walls, but isn't as heavy as a bright color would be. The light above the bed hangs from the ceiling and has a modern look. With plenty of natural light, the ceiling lights are more about style than functionality. If you’re designing your home this way, have some fun with this.
Instead of closets or dressers, metal clothing racks fit the scene better. They’re generally easier to sort through and add to the look of simplicity. A bulky dresser can really weigh down the feeling of the room. Other décor, such as a bedside table could match this as well. You can see next to the clothes rack there’s a metal table with a plant. It’s simple with a style almost like a warehouse – functional and to the point.

If you take a walk out to the living room, you can see a lot of similarities in style. The plain white walls and large windows give the illusion of there being a lot of space. Again, we have certain pieces that are given focus by using black color – the rug, the couch, and some of the pillows.
Again, we have warehouse style furniture, like the wheeled dolly as a centerpiece and coffee table. Just like in the bedroom, we have a hanging light that pulls the room together. We also have plants that give the room life and breathe freshness in.
Unlike in the bedroom, we have a few extra accents that make it a little busier. A turquoise puff and poster, which, match stand out from the rest of the room. If you’re looking to make your Scandinavian-style home more vibrant, think about adding an accent in a bright color. Be sure to keep it simplistic, leaving the rest of the décor fairly neutral. You can see with this home, they’ve used pieces, like antlers for a center piece, which maintains the neutrality of the room.

When designing your Scandinavian-style home, the most important things to remember are to keep it simple, maintain neutral tones, and let in lots of natural light. The details are completely up to you, but remember, less is often more. You can say a lot with a simple accent.

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Article: Claus Svendsen
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  1. It's light and lovely. I'm considering all white walls for my small town home in the tropics. Almost no one there has white interior walls, but your article has convinced me to try it. I think it will feel cooler and modern. Thank you!